Why Video Game Voice Actors Don’t Get Paid Well

Why Video Game Voice Actors Don’t Get Paid Well

I would like to believe that everyone reading this blog post is a die-hard fan of video games! I mean, I myself love video games! Following that, today I am going to look at one very interesting group of professionals in the world of game development—video game voice actors. Do you know what these professionals do and how much they make?


Well, a video game voice actor is a professional who performs voice-overs or provides voices to represent a character in a video game. It turns out that people who allow their voices to be used in video games are the least paid professionals in the multibillion-dollar gaming industry. But why are they paid so poorly when we know all too well that gaming is one of the wealthiest industries with billions of dollars of profits every year?

Well, I managed to dig deep into the issue, finding out from as many people as possible why voice actors in the world of video games don’t take home attractive salaries the same way their counterparts in the movie world do yet they perform the same job. Here is what I found out;


1. Too Much Competition

Nowadays many experienced and talented video game voice actors are looking for a job. Unfortunately, due to a saturated market, they would take any salary to provide their services. In other words, there is more supply of voice actors than the actual demand for their services. Many game development companies are taking advantage of this! They benefit from great talent while spending so little on each talent that they acquire.

According to many employers, there is no reason to pay a given voice actor more money for their services. There are plenty of other incredible actors who will accept any amount to provide their services. The harsh reality is that when it’s the employer who dictates the terms and not both parties, exploitation is inevitable.


2. Voice Acting Doesn’t Sell Games According to Game Developers

Many game development companies argue that voice acting does not sell games although they admit that it does make them. They share the view that voice actors do not drive sales the same way other personnel do. Subsequently, they offer them lower pay rates than other employees such as programmers, sound designers, as well as marketers. Whether that’s true or not, the notion that game voice actors do not drive sales as much as other game development personnel is a matter of debate.


3. Many Game Development Companies Don’t Appreciate the Talent Well Enough

Another reason why game voice actors take home fewer perks than their movie counterparts is that their employers undervalue their talent. In fact, unlike many Hollywood movie production companies, several video game companies do not even see voice acting as a talent, and therefore they see no reason to pay their voice actors the same way their counterparts do. Luckily, voice actors made some headway into becoming valued. A recent voice actor strike just reached a favorable conclusion for voice actors.



We understand the reasons why video game voice actors don’t get paid as well as their movie counterparts do. There is too much competition in their market and that their employers see them as less valuable employees who don’t fetch revenue. Unfortunately, video game developers don’t treasure their talented voice actors the way they should.

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